Meat is Good, Green is Better

Our Logo

Green Butchery Leaf Logo

We shall start with our logo – The GB Ambigram, created with the lowercase ‘g’ and ‘b’.

While the ‘g’ is detailed with the veins of a leaf and the letter ‘b’ with the marbling of the meat, they tell the same story – both are plants, no matter how one views it. It retains its meaning even when viewed from a different direction or perspective. Ingenious, aren’t we?

If that is not obvious enough, we intentionally encased it in a shape of a leaf too. Yup, we know. We just want to tell the earth-loving people that we are all about plant-based goodness. Of course, the added meaning of growth is a bonus.

That is what we are about. We bring great tasting, plant-based products, and interesting information to a discerning community. Whether you are a meat-lover looking for a more sustainable food alternative or a blue-blooded (or shall we say green-blooded) vegan, we got you.

Our Vision

Make Healthier & Sustainable eating a tasty mainstream lifestyle choice.

Our Mission

Constantly introduce and inform the community with great tasting healthier plant-based food concepts.
Create a community of like-minded forward thinkers who aspires to learn and share a new healthier lifestyle ideas.
Create “The Green Butchery” as the place to go for healthy sustainable products and experiences.

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