NEW Next Burger Patty 400g (100g x 4)

NEW Recipe! Smokier taste.

10g x 4 pieces of patty per pack. Vegan.

Looking for a burger patty is healthy that doesn’t compromise on taste? You found it!

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The world’s first plant-based Burger Patty from Tokyo, made largely from non-GMO soy proteins, NEXT meats contain double the amount of protein and half the fats than that of regular meat. “NEXT Burger 3.0” is a plant-based meat patty made by exquisitely combining the proteins of peas and soybeans. The umami is finished in a patty that makes you feel a little “Japanese”. It’s healthy and delicious. You now have a burger that doesn’t compromise on either!

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NEW Next Burger Patty 400g (100g x 4)

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soybeans (not genetically modified), pea protein, sautéed onion, bread flour, edible vegetable fats and oils, wheat flour, potato starch, dried shiitake mushrooms, salt, spices (black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, allspice), yeast extract, Rice red pepper, gellan gum

Net Weight: 
100g x 4 (400g)

Nutrition facts label (100g / estimated value): 
Calorie: 187kcal Protein: 12.9g
Lipid: 8.5g
Carbohydrate: 14.8g
Salt equivalent: 1.64g

How to Cook: 
Remove the frozen patties from the bag, oil a frying pan and bake until slightly browned. As a guide, use medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes on each side (even if you bake it frozen).

Vegan-friendly. No animal ingredients or by-products were used. No palm oil or white sugar using beef bone charcoal was used. No alcohol, gelatin.

Frozen for freshness. Once thawed, please do not refreeze.