Next Meats Creamy Mushroom Chicken Puffs

Next Meats Premium Plant-Based Creamy Mushroom Chicken Puffs.

Halal | Vegan | Allium-free

Quick and easy, pre-baked for convenience.

NEXT Chicken, oat milk, salt, sugar, vegetarian seasoning, pepper, vegetable oil, potato, mixed vegetables, mushroom slices, flour


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Next Meats Creamy Mushroom Chicken Puffs


Allergen Advice
Contains Soy and Wheat.
Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing milk and nuts.

Heating Instructions:

  • Air fry or toast at 180c for 5 – 10 mins for a crispy finish

If kept frozen, 1 year

  • Soybeans are non-GMO
  • No animal ingredients/ derivatives were used