Next Meats Gyudon

Plant-Based Beef Bowl, Made in Japan


Next Meats Gyudon

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Next Meats Gyudon
Plant-Based Beef Bowl
Made in Japan

Different packaging. Same great quality.
As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, our latest Next Gyudon packaging is now in a clear pack, effectively minimizing the consumption of printing ink.

Processed soybean (defatted soybeans, salt)
(Domestic production in Japan)Seasonings
(Soybean, Sugar, Fermented rice seasonings, Yeast extract,
Kelp extract, Salt, Brewed vinegar, Shiitake mushroom extract,
Ginger powder)Onions, Edible rapeseed oil / Food coloring
(Caramel Pigment), (Some include soybeans and wheat partly)

Net Weight: 120g

How to Cook:
Warm the frozen bag in boiled water for about 5 minutes.
It’s also recommended to boil the ingredients directly
in a pot for better flavor.

*No animal ingredients are used. NO palm oil or white sugar using beef bone charcoal, and we do not handle any animal raw materials on the factory production line.
*Our Soybeans are not genetically modified.
*No red pickled ginger is included in the product.