Next Meats Skirt Steak (Harami) 3-Pack Bundle

One is not enough? Take 3 at a special price.

This made-in-Japan bundle consists of 3 x Plant-Based Next Meats Skirt Steak




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Next Meats Skirt Steak (Harami) 3-Pack Bundle



Next Meats Yakiniku Skirt Steak Style
Plant-Based Skirt Steak

Processed soybean (Domestic production in Japan), Seasonings (Soy sauce, Sugar, Fermented rice seasonings,
Yeast extract, Apple, Brewed vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Sesame oil, Dou-ban-jiang, Pepper), Edible rapeseed oil, (Some Including wheat, soybean, apple, and sesame partly)

Net Weight: 80g

How to Cook: After defrosting, grill the piece until the surface gets lightly brown.

Preservation: Keep frozen at -18℃

*No animal ingredients are used. NO palm oil or white sugar using beef bone charcoal, and we do not handle any animal raw materials on the factory production line.
*Our Soybeans are not genetically modified
*This product’s manufacturing factory products item containing eggs, crabs, prawns, and dairy products.